Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Another Snow-Day

Hello Friends, How has everyone been? Not to much has been going on in my world. We got another snow storm today about 7in so far blah and it's still snowing off and on, to top it all off we lost our power for about 3 hours that was fun, it was right after the sun went down so we lit some lanterns and spent the evening playing cards to pass the time. My little dog ended up getting buried in it when she went outside, she is only about 4in tall she looked like a little snow bunny out there hopping around, but it was so cute shes not much of a snow dog when the snow is deeper then she is tall, can't say that i blame her. The roads are still pretty yucky we took a spin into town for a few supply,s they were not plowed very well at the time and not alot of sand had been put down yet hoping for better result traveling on them tomorrow morning, slippery roads are no fun at 6am, I have to say that's the only thing i don't like about the snow it really is pretty other then that. Well guess I'm going to end my blog on that note for today and call it a night. Hope you all have a wonderful evening


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