Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Pillow Talk

Hello Everyone, How are you all today?  Just some fun facts that i stumbled upon online and wanted to share with all of you. It turns out that the way you arrange your pillows may have some meaning to it! How you arrange your pillows can reveal clues to your psyche. How crazy is that? According to this my pillow arrangement says that i have modernist style and that I'am artistic, creative, and intellectual. Read on to see what your pillow arranging style says about you. Hope You All Have A Wonderful Day :)

Asymmetrical Pillows
If Your Pillows Are Asymmetrical

Are your pillows tossed about in any which way? Do you arrange your pillows without a particular order? Your unfussy style says that you are a relaxed, bohemian type who's easygoing and open to new experiences.

Balanced Pillows
Photo: Annie Schlechter
If Your Pillows Are Balanced, but Have a Single Accent

Do you prop pillows the classical way, but throw the symmetry off with one extra bolster? Do you prefer when something doesn't look too perfect? If so, your style is traditional with a twist. You're never too prim and proper — but you aren't given to the latest trends either.

If Your Pillows Are Precisely Stacked

Are your pillows tiered, trim, and level? Does clutter on the nightstands (or anywhere) drive you crazy? This systematic, monastic tower of pillows indicates you have a modernist style. If someone saw your bed, they would probably guess that you're artistic, creative, and intellectual.
Delicate and Decorative Pillows
Photo: Annie Schlechter
If Your Pillows Are Delicate and Decorative

Are your pillows an exuberant array of Euro-square, cases, shams, boudoirs, and neck rolls? Do designs without embellishment feel cold and unwelcoming to you? If you're drawn to a dreamy, whimsical look, then you're a romantic. You prefer frilly and feminine to streamlined and rigid and are a firm believer that more is more.

Perfectly Symmetrical Pillows
Photo: Annie Schlechter
If Your Pillows Are Perfectly Symmetrical

Do you consider yourself organized? Keeping all your ducks in a row —and your pillows too — means you have a tailored, classic style. This look is best for someone who is detail-orientated, organized, and orderly.

Tip: Stick to the same color scheme when selecting pillows, but try using                                                       different prints and patterns to mix up the look.


Gods Little People said...

This is quite a fun and telling little article - very exact. I worked as a Feng Shui consultant for some years (still find it utterly amazing) and people's homes tell so much about their psyche. Thanks so much for sharing it - nice little "detective tool."
Have a lovely day!

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