Friday, January 7, 2011

TGIF A Snow-Day

Hello everyone TGIF and brrr it's a cold snowy day out there and all i want to do is curl up under my blankets and take a nap, oh how i would so much like to hibernate all winter like a bear in his cave *'sigh'*. But sense i have to commute to work that's just not going to happen, I'm just not a snow baby even though i was born in the middle of winter lol. We were supposed to get the snow Saturday but it started today and now looks like it's going to go threw the whole weekend not so happy about that, not looking forward to driving on it over the weekend, hope it doesn't amount to much, it always sucks when you have to drive on slippery roads. At least my birds were happy eating at their feeder today they don't seem to mind the cold and snow so much, they are so pretty out their singing and eating, i enjoy watching them and listening to them, can't wait for my spring birds to come back and join the winter flock.There's not much snow yet but it's still snowing i really can't wait until spring! Just getting ready to settle in for some of my Friday night shows with my love and maybe a pizza that sounds good. That about sums up my snow-day anybody want to switch places yet preferably someplace warm I could really use a tan about now lol. Hope everyone has a wonderful day :-)

                                          My dog in the snow


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