Monday, January 3, 2011

A year in lol catz so cute

Today peeps my blog is all about a year in lol catz i can haz cheezburger enjoy!!

January is teh start of sumfin speshul…
funny pictures of cats with captions

           February iz awl abowt lubz!
                March kums in lyk a lion, n owt lyk a lamb.
                                      April Foolz!
                  Did u celebrayt Cinco de Mayo? 
        June iz teh start ob summerz, wen we begin habin teh reel funz!
      No, teh July heet izn’t maykin ya hallusinate…Dere iz an awful lawt of adorabul ebil in dis pikshur!
 Dese August kittehz is mebbe scared ob Justin Bieber…or mebbe dey is dreadin goin bak 2 skool!
        Oof, wut an exhawstin summer! September iz a gud tym fer nappin!
        Iz October, wich meens Happeh Meowloweecawl it:
 November, or az we lyk 2 cawl it: Numvember!
 December iz a magikul tym ob yeer, full ob holidayz…n moar nomz.


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