Thursday, January 6, 2011

Video of the week -What dogs are really thinking

Hello everyone well so far 2011 hasn't been to bad for me hope everyone has had a good beginning so far, minus the fact that my battery died in the middle of the road on  new years day, we jumped it and managed to get it dropped off at the garage to be fixed, thinking it was going to need a new alternator or a battery, turned out to just be the alternator belt, that was alot better then the alternator. Other then that my 2011 has been good so far hope it only get better. I defiantly can't wait until spring hits though tired of the cold and snow already. Spent some time with one of my good friends today, we had pedicures done, I have no idea why i did it, considering there is snow and ice everywhere it's not like I can show them off in flip flops yet, well i could, but i think my toes would be a tad bit chilly and frostbitten, my friend is going to Florida for a week so she actually has an excuse to show her toes off. It was defiantly fun though and got us out of the house for some girl time before she leaves, it's always nice to have soft feet and pretty toes even if it is too cold to where flip flops yet, at least my fuzzy socks will like them anyway lol. Think I'm going  to start posting a funny or cute video of the week and post one every week, their is so many cute and funny videos out there i just must share with you all, so i think i will post a cute or funny video of the week on my blog, sounds like a fun idea and at least my readers will be entertained when they read my blog. So here is the winner this week just pause the music player in my blog so you can hear the video, and if you like my blog please follow me before you leave. Everybody have a wonderful day.


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